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Paceville Restaurant Pledges Action After Two People Were Kicked Out For Sharing A Kiss

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Middle East Muse, a popular Moroccan fusion restaurant in Paceville, has apologised and pledged to take action after two people were kicked out of the restaurant last weekend for sharing a kiss.

Kyle Ginn, who identifies as non-binary, took to Facebook on Saturday afternoon, writing: ”

Last night while I was out in Paceville I was kicked out of a bar for kissing someone of the same perceived sex. I felt so sick to my stomach because of it and immediately sought out my friends in a different bar where I had a huge panic attack.”

The accused establishment, Middle East Muse, is a Morocan-cuisine restaurant located in the middle of the Paceville strip.

Kyle was with another person who identifies as non-binary, but the two do admit that they are typically perceived as male for their outward expression. The post went on to explain the severity of the ordeal, highlighting most notably the conditions in Malta in comparison to other countries in the world:

“Being kicked out of a bar and shouted at by staff is nothing compared to the horrors that LGBT+ face around the world, but it shows that we still have a ways to go here in Malta.”

“In a country where a few months ago people were laughing at the idea of businesses getting a sticker to show they were LGBT+ friendly. This is why these are needed, we need to feel safe.”

Comments poured in, some even stating that they “were not surprised” to have heard of the shocking event. Another commenter posted that they “hope they address and apologize for their behavior”.

Lovin Malta reached out to the restaurant but has not received a response as of the time of writing.

However, Kyle later updated his post to say that staff have apologised and that the appropriate action was being taken, writing at the end of the post:

“I have been contacted by the manager of Middle East Muse who has advised that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and that further action will be taken by them.”

Have you ever experienced homophobia within Paceville? Tell us all about it by emailing [email protected]

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