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Police Officer Who Lost Arm In Hit-And-Run Incident Retires After 25 Years Of Service

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Police officer Simon Schembri, who became a household name after he lost an arm in a shocking accident while on duty, has retired after 25 years of service in the force.

“I am proud to say that you have come out of it a stronger man and I cannot be prouder. 25 years of saving lives, helping others, going through fire for people and most of all being a patient yourself and ending it with you fighting for your life,” Schembri’s daughter, Leader wrote in a Facebook post.

Schembri hits the news when was run over by 17-year-old Liam Debono, who he had stopped after noticing his car’s dark tinted windows and later found out he was driving without a seatbelt or a license, in May 2018.

After attempting to stop him, Debono allegedly ran over him, dragging him before finally coming to a stop in the outskirts of Luqa. Debono has been charged with attempted murder and is pleading not guilty.

Schembri’s ribcage was said to be showing by the time he was found, alive but in a critical condition. He made a full recovery, receiving a bionic hand and an artificial arm from the new centre of orthotics and prosthetics at St Luke’s Hospital, free of charge, courtesy of the Maltese government.

Schembri has since set up the Blue Light Foundation, which provides financial and psychological aid to first responders involved in serious incidents.

Dear Dad, Today was officially your last day as police officer after 25 years of service. We can all say that there was…

Posted by Leah Schembri on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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