Prime Minister Takes Loved Ones To New Naxxar Restaurant For Birthday Bash

Joseph Muscat chooses Michael Zammit Tabona's new Naxxar restaurant as venue for 44th birthday party

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat took a break out of his busy schedule last week to celebrate his 44th birthday at the Village Kitchen, the newest restaurant in Naxxar. 

Pictures show it was a low-key affair for Muscat - just his wife Michelle, twin daughters Etoile and Soleil, relatives and friends. These included the Muscats’ long-time family friend Phyllis Muscat, who was chosen to head Malta’s CHOGM taskforce in 2015 without a call for applications. Elena Zammit Lewis, the wife of Labour MP Edward Zammit Lewis (a close friend of Joseph Muscat) was also seen in the photos. 

The Village Kitchen, which recently opened near the Trade Fair in place of the CarneVino bistro, is the brainchild of Michael Zammit Tabona - a hotelier and restaurateur who is also Malta’s ambassador to Finland. 

It specialises in meat, fish, and meaty/fishy pasta - offering up tasty-sounding dishes such as pan fried calves liver with glazed carrots and parsnips, Argentinian grass-fed beef sirloin with sautéed mushrooms and pumpkin, and slow-roasted fillets of salmon with horseradish, potatoes and beetroots. 

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