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San Ġwann Resident Feels Unsafe In Her Own Home After Facing Verbal Harassment And Physical Abuse From Construction Workers

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A young woman living in San Ġwann is unable to feel comfortable in her own home after being constantly harassed by workers on a nearby construction site.

The issue reached a dramatic peak yesterday when one construction worker threatened her father with a hammer after he was asked to move his vehicle from their garage parking space.

“I would leave for school or work would constantly be cat called and whistled at. However today’s incident left me speechless,” Marta told Lovin Malta.

Marta entered into a state of panic yesterday after she walked onto her balcony to the sound of screaming and shouting between her father and a construction worker after he parked his truck outside their garage.

According to Marta, when asked to move the construction worker emerged from his truck brandishing a hammer and threatening her father while the family watched in shock.

“He went back into his truck and moved it in front of my neighbours garage. She instantly asked if he could not do that as she needs to use her car. He answered in a very disrespectful and disgusting tone and both my father and he kept yelling,” she said.

“A few seconds later they approached each other and that’s when the fight began. I witnessed my father being pushed on the ground while my younger brothers and I watched.”

Although no one suffered grievous injuries, police were called in to intervene and the dispute was settled with an apology after the father decided not to press charges.

“My father, having younger kids and a family, accepted the apology. At the end of the day, we still live here. This is our home and we want to feel safe,” said Marta.

Though the incident has been settled, Marta still has to deal with the possibility of being verbally harassed outside her own home and has to face the man who threatened her father every time she steps out the door.

“I started having a panic attack and found it hard to breath seeing my father being threatened with a hammer,” she said.

“Today I left my house and I don’t feel safe.”

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