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Sister Of Discharged Pembroke Gate Soldier: ‘My Brother Was Sacked For A Private Joke While Fraudsters Given Positions Of Trust’

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The sister of the soldier who was discharged in light of a private video, that went viral, of him laughing and swearing at the uselessness of a gate in Pembroke has vehemently condemned the way her brother has been treated.

“Let’s show some solidarity towards this soldier, who is my dear brother,” the woman wrote on Facebook. “Some stupid closed-minded people are writing harsh and spiteful comments that he deserved [getting fired], but rest assured that if the same thing happened to them, they would be thinking completely differently. Those who are acting outraged over swear words probably the sort who take the Eucharist everyday but then see nothing wrong with gossiping about others and destroying them with their tongues.”

“It is crystal clear that this solider had no harmful intentions, but was merely joking with his colleagues as everyone does. Nothing he did warrants his getting discharged, but it seems as though free speech applies solely to those who lie and make stuff up. Meanwhile, those who prick and probe and expose the truth, as my brother did, get punished, because truth hurts. After all, if he wasn’t right, then the wall wouldn’t have been constructed, without a permit, right next to the gate.”

Wall Pembroke

A wall was erected by the gate soon after Godwin Schembri’s private video went viral

She added that the person who should have lost their job is the one who spread the video, which was never meant for public consumption, on social media.

“That person spread this video the four corners of the earth without weighing up the repercussions of his actions,” she said. “That person should pay the price for how my brother – a family man and a dedicated soldier who gave years of service to the AFM and always did his utmost to progress in his career – unjustly ended up unemployed.”

“They want to act tough with common workers, but then grant fraudsters positions of trust. If, rather than mocking the pointless installation of a gate, a Minister were to mock our public funds and fleece us alive, rest assured that he wouldn’t have been fired but would actually have been promoted with no questions asked.”

“Those at the bottom of the food chain always end up suffering the brunt of it. Is this a democratic country? Where are the authorities? What happened to justice? What happened to freedom of expression? A wonderful country ruined by a dictatorial government. Freedom of speech under a government that listens!!! We are all behind you, my dear brother!”

Schembri’s sister was writing on a Facebook page that has been set up for people to express solidarity with the discharged soldier. Several people have flocked to lend their support, arguing that Schembri shouldn’t have lost his job as repercussion for someone else’s decision to share his private video through social media.

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