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‘Stop Asking Me If I’ve Lost Weight’: Malta Radio Host Oz Opens Up On Uncomfortable Question

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Radio host Oz, renowned as one half of the Oz and Jay duo, has said he feels extremely uncomfortable when people ask him if he’s lost weight.

“I am sick to my guts of discussing the issue of my weight with people,” Oz wrote in a blogpost. “And even more so, I don’t want the first question you ask me to be, “have you lost weight”?”

“Sure, when you ask it, I will smile, say thank you and perform all the pleasantries. But to be completely honest, the question itself makes me feel extremely uncomfortable.”

“I will tell you why. It makes me feel like my size, weight whatever you want to call it is the most important issue in my life. I feel like it defines who I am, and is all that people see. Also, it reminds me everyday of the internal struggle with the issue, and that the embarrassment I feel is a public and not private issue. That makes it really difficult.”

Oz said he appreciates the fact that most people ask him about his weight loss with positive intent, but said it hurts him to realise people see his weight struggles before actually seeing him as a person. 

“Really, not to try and garner any type of sympathy here, but it’s like a kick in the nuts every time,” he said.

“Whilst my constant battle with my weight is of course an important part of who I am, there is a lot more to me I promise you. In all honesty, it is probably the absolute last thing I want to be talking about.”

“And that is because it makes me feel frustrated and unhappy, everytime. It is a constant reminder that so far, in this battle I have failed. And I am not one who takes this kind of failure very well. I pride myself on being a pretty motivated person who is able to achieve his goals, but in this particular case I have fallen flat.”

Oz with his radio partner Jay

Oz with his radio partner Jay

Oz said people struggling with weight issues are constantly reminded by society of their problems,, making them feel as though they have some kind of physical deformity.

“Man it sucks. And as stated above is a constant reminder of our failures. Would any of you skinny persons out there like to be constantly reminded of your failures? I don’t think so,” he said.

“Please, allow my battle with my weight to be my own private battle. I promise you, I think about it every day already and do not need the constant reminders. Finally, I would like to state the following. Whether I am fat, skinny, tall, small or have three legs, I am me. David Ozi Borg the man. NOT David Ozi Borg the fat man.”

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