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The Best Moments Of 2018 According To Malta’s Biggest Personalities

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For many, 2018 has been a great year – and Malta’s personalities can attest to that. Like any year, there were some challenging moments, but along with those came those key moments that defined 2018 for us – as well as some of the most influential people on the island.

1. Gaia Cauchi

“Getting my first ‘yes’ in my X Factor UK audition.”

2. Mikela Pace

“When I went viral for the first time with ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.”

3. Simon Schembri

“When I left hospital after the accident.”

4. Adrian Delia

“10th December at 18.30.”

5. Chris Fearne

“Without a doubt it was when the IVF bill I piloted passed into law. It was one of those rare moments in politics in which you instantly make people’s most cherished dream come true.”

6. Rosianne Cutajar

“The best moment was when William Agius and subsequently Geordie Felice (reformed drug users) were given, for the first time in the history of judiciary, a sentence which went below the statutory minimum. This followed a whole reform in the field of crime and punishment in cases where users were genuine victims of drug abuse. This is a subject at heart and I will keep on pushing for a more restorative justice ie; the introduction of alternative punishments to imprisonment.”

7. Miriam Dalli

“Managing to get a strong majority for my proposal to reduce CO2 emissions from cars despite the fierce lobby by industry and some countries.”

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8. Sarah Zerafa

“I am super thankful for this year – but my favourite moment has to be when I won the best Influencer Award for 2018 at The Malta Fashion Awards & attending the Elisabetta Franchi dinner party in Milan.”

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9. David Casa

“This year had many highlights – from a political perspective perhaps the best moment was when I was given a strong mandate to lead the work-life balance proposals which will have a positive impact on all families. Away from the political arena though, my home town Valletta FC winning the league title was a high point of 2018.”

10. Ira Losco

“Probably being exposed to such great new talent on The X Factor Malta first edition.”

11. Alex Alden

“Playing in a church on the island
of Gotland off the coast of Sweden in a historical town called Visby after the release of my full length album ‘Wild Honey’ on VINYL (released on MARS Worldwide and completed with the support of the Malta Arts Fund the generous crowdfunders and fans who supported
my project at Zaar.com.mt)

I had an evening concert there and the acoustics were perfect. I also got to stay there a few extra days to explore the town and use the church as a composing and practicing spot when it was not in use. By 12 o clock on the first day I had written 3 songs already.
It was Autumn at the time I went there and the town was abundant with conference pears and jonagold apples strewn across the cobbles roads and amongst the castle ruins. The fruit trees were thriving and there wasn’t possibly enough people in Visby to collect all the fruit.

That place left a huge impression on me.”

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12. Chris Cardona

“Malta hosting the first Medical Cannabis World Forum – great to see in under a year policy ideas turning into investment and putting Malta on the map in what will be a booming industry.”

13. Francis Zammit Dimech

“Managing to beat the time limit which I had reached the year before – as I completed for the second year the Half Marathon. Well, in my case, I should call it the Walkathon since I walk the 21km from Mdina to Sliema – but not run it! I was most happy to manage it again and in less time than in the previous year. Already training to do my third in the new year.”

14. Grandayy

“Probably hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and then having some of the biggest Youtubers accept to take part in my 1 million special video. I am still very grateful for that.”

15. Ben Camille

“Of course the birth of baby Elle!”

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16. Ian Borg

“The birth of my daughter Eve.”

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17. Jo Caruana

“Probably seeing one of the magazines I edited, Malta CEOs, on bookshop shelves for the first time! It was one of the most challenging projects I have ever taken on, and completing it felt wonderful. I also absolutely loved being part of Herman Grech’s original play De-Terminated, and singing our final number on stage with my beloved buds the Comedy Knights in last year’s show. For those who attended, you’ll know that it was pretty therapeutic!”

18. Cyrus Engerer

“Starting the year on a sailing boat between the uninhabited islands of the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar – without an internet or a phone connection. Apart from the intrigue of discovering new places, the calmness and serenity felt when you’re sailing, as if you’re on a magic carpet ride, between the calm seas below and the star-filled skies above, cannot be described in words. No human contact and nothing built by humans for a whole 7 days – a good break from the chaotic life we lead.”

19. Valentina Rossi

“Getting proposed to! I mean actually ġabarni xi ħadd and he considers me a keeper!”

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What was your best moment in 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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