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‘The Guilt Is Eating At Me’: Silent Pro-Choice Supporter Opens Up About Why She Can’t Voice Opinion

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A silent pro-choice supporter has opened up about the risks their progressive opinions pose on themselves, their mental health and their family ties – shedding light on the reality of many people in Malta who feel unsafe to voice their thoughts.

“I almost risked everything when my whole family went to that pro-life rally and I refused to join them. I could not bring myself to go,” the supporter told Lovin Malta.

Sarah* decided to share her story to inform the “naysayers” that there is indeed silent support for the pro-choice movement.

“No, it is not out of shame, it is for my own safety. You see, when you’re surrounded by pro-lifers who feel they have moral superiority due to opinion, your voice is not only snuffed out by them, but you feel silent.”

“As a woman who still lives with her parents, and cannot afford to live on my own, going to rallies would jeopardise my safety.”

Sarah admitted to knowing people who would be kicked out of their homes for expressing pro-choice beliefs, and while this isn’t Sarah’s reality, she still feels unsafe to be honest about her thoughts on the issue.

“In my case, I’m silent to safeguard my mental health. Imagine living with pro-lifers, who get angry and insult those who are pro choice, you wouldn’t feel safe speaking out.”

She further explained that by simply refraining from attending a pro-life rally, she was told that she was “betraying the unborn”.

“Can you imagine how I would be treated, how others are treated, for saying they are pro-choice?”

Due to her experience, Sarah said that she wouldn’t be surprised if people were actually forced to attend pro-life demonstrations or went to “keep themselves safe”.

“I would not blame them,” she said.

“I would go to pro choice rallies if I could, I would comment on posts, I would voice my opinion, but what if my family sees it? What if they see my face in rally photos?”

Sarah went on to say that the pro-choice camp “simply wants choice” while pro-life supporters “ shove their opinion down our throats, they attempt to make us feel ashamed for valuing a woman’s life over her kin. This is the reality in Malta.”

“I am a Maltese Christian and pro-choice woman. My nationality should not matter, but it does. People think abortion is only wanted by foreigners, but I guarantee you that a lot more Maltese people want it than you think.”

Meanwhile, for those who say that having silent support “means nothing”, Sarah urged them to be happy for their ability to voice their opinions without fearing for their safety – this is a privilege she and other silent supporters “cannot afford”.

This comes in light of a recent national divide regarding a legal amendment that will decriminalise abortion in cases when the pregnant person’s health and life is at grave risk. This is already practiced in Malta however, as it stands, doctors could be legally liable for the procedure – this amendment will simply protect them from legal repercussions.

Parliament has voted in favour of this bill in its second reading.

If you’re a silent supporter and want to share your story, reach out to [email protected]

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