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The Secret To A Long Life? This 92-Year-Old Maltese Nanna Has The Answer

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The secret to long life is an age old mystery. Mainstream scientific research suggests that eating plant-based foods, exercising regularly and not smoking is linked to longevity, whilst more edgy sources suggest that drinking beer, having lots of Facebook friends and brushing your teeth less is key.

But they got it all wrong.

In fact, the secret to living a long life is – wait for – spaghetti.

Yes, according to Davinia’s nanna, the key to her long life is quite simply eating spaghetti every day.

“My advice is that if you eat spaghetti every day like I do, you’ll live a very long life”

So forget what your nutritionist told you and pick up that bolognese; it’s spaghetti every day from here on!

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