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This Maltese Boy Is The Perfect Antidote To Christmas Self-Pity

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If you’re feeling down or lonely this Christmas, it’s time to get inspired by Samuel, a young Maltese boy who knows a lot about suffering but even more about staying positive. 

Samuel, who was interviewed by Xarabank yesterday, lost his sight in one eye when he was five years old due to cancer. He then relapsed and lost his sight in his other eye.

“At first I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. Then I started to get used to being blind and I realised that I can’t solve the problem by crying and nor could my mum solve the problem with crying. So we just had to get on with life,” he said.

Thanks to the Malta Community Chest Fund and the Malta Guide Dog Foundation, Samuel found the support he needed to adapt to his new life. 

“There are many people who are worse off than me. There are children who have nothing to eat, nothing to wear, and they’re also blind and can’t talk, boom, all at once. I’m compartively lucky.”

The most inspiring part of it all is how he describes his condition.

“I don’t just see black like most people think. My imagination makes an image of what’s around me. I have no limit. If someone says this room is one colour, I can imagine it in every colour I want. I call it mind modelling,” he says, adding that he used to be a big fan of model building but he’s now had to develop new talents.

“One door closes, a hundred others open,” he added.

The interview with Samuel also served as a reminder that Malta’s annual charity telethon L-Istrina is back on Boxing Day.

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