This Maltese Couple Wants You To Tag Along On An Awesome Trip

...without being the third wheel

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You may remember Romy and Luke, the unconventional couple who decided to leave it all behind and travel together for 9 months, coming back just a few days before their wedding day? Yes, we hate them too. 

Lovin Malta spoke to this unconventional couple, who, after becoming friends on a trip to India, fell in love, got married, and five years later, gave birth to a cute little baby they named Tag Along Travellers.

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Why did you set up Tag Along Travellers?

For us, a big part of living the dream life is having a job we love, wherein we can cultivate our passions, which in our case, is travelling. Through Tag Along Travellers, we are gathering a community of like-minded people who love exploring and adventure as much as we do. We want to help make people in Malta's travel dreams come true  and only organise trips to countries we’ve been to, namely Nepal, Peru, and Morocco. 

Apart from flying to distant lands, we also organise social activities here, such as camping trips and trekking along scenic Maltese and Gozitan coastlines.

What bucket list experiences did you tick off on your 9-month trip and which was your favourite? 

Luke: For me, going on a two-month road trip with Romy was a dream come true. Driving along the open roads of mainland Europe and totally playing it by ear was the kind of adventure I crave.

Romy: Climbing the highest mountain pass in the world wasn’t something I ever thought I could accomplish, and I did so last year in Nepal. The experience was so intense, we wanted to share it with others. In March/April next year, 60 people will be going to Nepal (in 4 groups) and that feels awesome! 

Why should people leave their friends behind and tag along?

We love our friends but not all of them share our passion for travelling, and those who do, are often busy when we would most like to travel. When travelling with friends, Maltese people typically always go on short European breaks, but we, and those like us would much rather be somewhere on the other side of the globe, in some forest or exotic land. 

Another reason to leave your friends behind - other than to show them how much you mean to them - is that when you travel with friends, you tend to create a comfortable bubble in which you don't need to make an effort to mingle with locals or other travellers, and in the process, miss out on amazing experiences you would have had otherwise.

Any 2018 group trips planned?

We are all set and extremely hyped for Nepal, Morocco, Peru, Sri Lanka and Bali next year! So if you are adventurous souls who detest the idea of falling into the trap of doing what society expects of you, tag along with us and a small group of other like-minded people on a trip of a lifetime! 

If you've caught a bad case of the travel bug along with those sniffles, but have no one to travel with, see what Tag Along Travellers are up to or what they can do for you! #MakeItHappen

Tag a friend who has itchy feet or whom you'd like to get rid of for a few weeks!

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