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‘Time Will Tell’: Beloved Malta Radio Host Updates Fans After Abruptly Going Off Air 25 Years Later

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Dynamic duos are hard to come by, but if you’ve tuned in to at least a couple of minutes of Maltese radio in the last decade, you probably know who Oz and Jay are. Now, with the end of an era seemingly upon us, Oz has opened up about why he’s suddenly not on air anymore.

“Very quick update for those who are worried because I am not on the radio these days,” the popular XFM DJ and funnyman took to Facebook this morning to say. “I am fine and healthy.”

“Yes I am not on air anymore. The reasons for which are quite complicated and not for public consumption. Will I return one day, I hope so. But it is very uncertain at this stage. Time will tell.”

“In the meantime I will focus on the important things, my health, my family and my other business interests,” Oz continued, thanking everyone for the support on his latest five-year project… and the entire quarter of a century that he’s spent in the industry. “Hope to see you soon.”

“P.S. Jason Zammit and I are still part-time lovers so don’t worry,” Oz reassured everyone. “Friends to the end.”

The outspoken half of the amusing radio duo, Oz has over the years not shied away from talking about his struggles with mental health.

In a long post back in late 2018 which he had described as “the most difficult thing I will ever do”, Oz had shared a series of posts about his mental health struggles on his blog.

“For as long as I can remember, I always felt something was there, sometimes lurking in the background, sometimes occupying every part of my being,” he said.

“The worst thing about suffering with mental health issues is that it is a very lonely disease,” Oz had continued. “I am here to tell all that it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Thankfully, however, the popular radio host has said his mental health “is also absolutely fine and all decisions made have been business decisions”.

“Don’t get me wrong, as a long-time sufferer there are daily challenges, but I face them with energy and motivation and am mentally stronger than I have ever been,” Oz later clarified.

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