'Titanium Man' Gives Back To Maltese Families In The Sweetest Way Possible

Jacob Cachia knows what it's like to be in a tough place


Jacob Cachia, the 'Titanium Man' who inspired the country with his tale of overcoming brain damage and Meningoencephalitis at the age of 15, knows what it is like for families waiting anxiously in the ITU waiting room.

Having spent two and a half months in ITU himself, his parents and family practically became part of the furniture there.

That's why the inspirational youth has just set up his latest charitable venture - Jacob's Coffee Run - specifically to help lighten their days. 

Jacob's Coffee Run is an initiative aimed at supporting families whose loved ones are recovering in the ITU. Jacob himself delivers free sandwiches and beverages to families in the ITU waiting room, where he warms their hearts with his encouragement, as well as really good coffee.

The coffee is brewed at his coffeeshop/social initiative Jacob's Brew in Marsascala. 

He expressed joy and satisfaction after his first coffee run yesterday, where he gave both coffee and snacks to grateful families at the ITU. 

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Food and drinks specially made for families in the ITU waiting room

Profits made at Jacob's Brew help fund Jacob's Coffee Run, meaning if you are ever in the area and you get a coffee there, you will be supporting victims and the families of victims in the ITU.

In comments to TVM, Sarah Cachia, Jacob's mother, said that "the project would not have been possible had it not been for clients who visited the cafeteria as well as those supplying the products to be taken to hospital.

How awesome do you think Jacob's Coffee Run is?

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