Transgender Malta: 105 People Have Switched Their Gender Since 2015

In the space of a decade, Malta has gone from a nation yet to accept divorce, to an EU leader on LGBTIQ issues


Switching one's gender might actually be more common in Malta than one may be inclined to think, with 105 people having switched their genders since 2015 as the island continues to evolve into an EU leader on LGBTIQ issues.

While 42 people switched their genders when the law was introduced in 2015, the number appears to have remained relatively low, with an average of about 19 per year. In 2019 so far, six people have switched their genders.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat revealed the figures when replying to a parliamentary question from MP Karol Aquilina.

In the space of a decade, Malta has become one of the leaders on progressive issues on a global level. While the introduction of equal introduction seems to be in line with a general western consensus, it is the government's move to recognise the transgender community in the country that has garnered the most attention.

According to Maltese law, any person over the age of 16 is legally allowed to change their gender, with minors requiring either a court application or parental approval.

Last November, a gender clinic offering multi-disciplinary services to transgender individuals was even opened up.

What do you make of these statistics?

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Written By

Julian Bonnici