Two Young Maltese Singers To Compete In Huge International Talent Contest

And of course it's hosted by Gerri Scotti!

Maltese Kids

Shania Cauchi and Miguel Bonello are the latest Maltese superstars to have their talent recognised both at home, and overseas. Currently enrolled at the vocal powerhouse La Voix Academy, the two students are studying classical music under the direction of Gillian Attard.

Airing on Italy's Canale 5, "Little Big Shots" sees talented young people from across the globe showing what they've got to the rest of the world. Shania and Miguel will be competing in the show hosted by famous Italian presenter Gerri Scotti.

Check out some of their clips below:

Miguel's take on '5th Element'

That note at 1:57 though...

Miguel duetting with Ludwig Galea on 'Xemx'

Shania Cauchi singing 'Flower of the South'

And here she is hitting them high notes

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