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WATCH: After Losing His Mother To Cancer Two Years Ago, This X Factor Malta Hopeful Found Solace In His Return To Music

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Ed Abdilla blew the judges away last night on the second season premiere of X Factor Malta with his audition, but it was the loss of his mother to brain cancer in 2017 that apparently spurred his entry.

Ed confessed of the solace he finds in music, a sentiment the judges all understood and agreed on.

In 2017, at the age of 58, Ed’s mother lost her battle with brain cancer after being diagnosed three months prior. Ed spent the entire time by her side but sadly, for the majority of the time, her condition slowly deteriorated and she was confirmed as braindead.

Ed was in a band previously, at the age of 21, and after writing a few songs with his fellow bandmates he left his musical path.

His dream, however, came back into fruition after the passing of his mother when Ed realised that she would not have wanted him to dwell on things and pursue his desires.

Wanting to get himself out of his shell, Ed tackled a ukulele cover of a mashup with Ignition and Vance Joy’s Riptide. The judges are blown away as it is, but it is when they poke into his career as a musician and learn that he also produces his own work, they ask for a quick sneak peek of his current work.

To Howard Keith Debono, it’s simple, it’s a yes. Two more follow from Ira Losco and Ray Mercieca before Alex Alden solidifies Ed’s aspirations with a fourth yes, telling the hopeful contestant that he is coming out of his shell and he’ll be going through to bootcamp.


Ed was watching his audition back last night with his pet doggo, Toby, and thanked his friends and family for the outpouring of support he received after his spot had aired.

What did you think of last night’s season 2 premiere?

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