WATCH: Bjorn Formosa Maintains Ability To Speak But Breathing Still A Problem

Bjorn had feared his latest operation would see him lose his voice

ALS activist Bjorn Formosa has maintained the ability to speak after his latest round of surgery, which he had feared would have seen him lose his voice.

Now in his 12th day in hospital since undergoing a tracheostomy, Bjorn uploaded a brief video to his Facebook page, in which he greets the public and thanks them for their support.

Although he can still speak, Bjorn’s troubles are far from over.

“Incredibly enough, I can still speak!” Bjorn wrote. “However, speech turned out to be the least of the problems. I am still here in hospital trying to find a good stable physical balance. It was really one hectic run, the most difficult experience of my life!”

“I performed this surgery to improve breathing and be able to extend my life and share more moments with Maria [his wife] and my loved ones and to deliver the Newer & Bigger DAR Bjorn. However, breathing is still giving me trouble. But yet I am not going to give up! We have a huge project in front of us and we must make sure it becomes a reality.”

Bjorn is raising funds to open a bigger Dar Bjorn to house patients suffering from ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. On Friday 19th October, a fundraising marathon will air on Xarabank to help make this dream a reality.

You can start donating to Bjorn’s project by sending an SMS to 50618936 - € 6.99.

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