WATCH: Hugo Chetcuti's Family Are Offering A Monetary Reward To Anyone With Information On His Murder

The Maltese entrepreneur was killed in cold blood last July

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The family of Hugo Chetcuti are offering a monetary reward to anyone who has any information regarding his murder by stabbing in July.

In an emotional interview on TVM's Xarabank last Firday, Hugo's brother Isaac, made a plea to the Maltese public in the hopes of figuring out who's behind the murder of one of Malta's most successful entreprenuers.

"If there is somebody out there in the public that has any information that could help the police's investigations, we, as his family, are ready to offer a reward to the person who delivers this information to the police," Isaac said.

'Not knowing why is the thing that hurts you the most' - Luke Chetcuti

In the interview, Hugo's two brothers, sister and son lament how not knowing why Hugo was killed was especially painful to the family.

"We know nothing, absolutely nothing," his sister Cheryl said. "We don't have the reasons as to why this happened, no, we don't know. We want to know, but we do not know."

"This is the thing that hurts you the most - that you don't know why," said Luke, Hugo's son.

They were sure that if Hugo had known of a potential enemy or somebody that wanted to cause them harm, he would have alerted them. However, Hugo himself was at a loss as to why Serbian national Bojan Cmelik stabbed him in front of everyone.

"He would have said something if he knew, Hugo would have told us if there was something that should be concerning us, but he said nothing of the sort, not even the day after he woke up from the operation," his brother Wayne said. "He would have said something. But he had nothing to say."

Cheryl made it even clearer.

"In fact, whenever Hugo would say 'I am ready to forgive him', he would always say first 'if he tells me why, then I am ready to forgive him'," she said.

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