WATCH: Katriel Gets His Dream Job For A Day

After inspiring a nation

Katriel, the little boy suffering from Lupus who stole the hearts of the nation with his words of forgiveness and perseverance, got a very special gift this week.

After appearing on Xarabank a few weeks ago, and then becoming the Ambassador for L-Istrina just this week, Katriel was asked what career he wanted to pursue when he grew up.

Without skipping a beat, he told everyone that he wanted to be a hairdresser.

He is so determined to become a hairdresser that he even practices on life-sized dolls at home, shaping and creating different styles of hair, just for practice.

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Clint Abela-Wadge, a hairdresser, heard his call and invited Katriel to become a hairdresser for a day at Wadge HairStudio in Swatar.

Clint quickly realised he was working with a child who had been practicing, even commenting "look at how he handles the blower, he knows how to use it already!" after Katriel smoothly and naturally gets down to business with a hairdryer.

Judging from Katriel's skills in the video above, we know exactly who to book next time a haircut is needed. 

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How much do you love Katriel?

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