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WATCH: Malta’s Got Talent’s First Golden Buzzer Goes To Five-Year-Old Boy Genius

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It’s official: five-year-old Maltese boy Christian has nabbed the first golden buzzer in the debut episode of Malta’s Got Talent!

In an impressive play of memory and geographical knowledge, Christian named a series of popular and obscure countries around the world after been shown them on a map. From France to Myanmar, judges Howard Keith, Maxine Aquilina, Sarah Zerafa and Ray Attard had to pick their jaws up from the floor as Christian named countries one by one.

Soon enough Ray slammed the golden buzzer as Christian’s parents rejoiced backstage.

His tearful and overjoyed mom said she called him her “miracle baby” having battled serious complications during the pregnancy; Christian was meant to be born with a still heart, but instead was born a genius.

Check out his awesome geographical skills in the clip below.

With Christian through, it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing more of him and his awesome intellect amid fire dancers, singers and even some acrobats.

Who’s your favourite audition on Malta’s Got Talent so far?

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