WATCH: Maltese Company Gives Best Gift Possible To Orphan Ghanian Whiz Kids

Maltese IT company owner was left stunned at the young Ghanians' proficiency

The owner of a Maltese software development company was in for a surprise during a recent trade mission to Ghana, as he stumbled upon two young orphans who had educated themselves into IT experts.

Amazed by their IT proficiency, Geoffrey Farrugia gave each of them a spanking new laptop, as well as access to the servers and Ghana offices of his company (HandsOn System), and plans to give them jobs to work on. 

“We have been trying to tap into the Ghanian market for over two years now but we hadn't known there were Ghanian youths who were so IT-proficient,” he told Lovin Malta. 

“During a recent trade mission organised by the foreign affairs and trade ministry, the Maltese consul in Ghana brought our attention to these two young orphans, aged 22 and 20, who had grown up in a foster family with a computer as their only toy, and who had started programming at 14 years old.”

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HandsOn Systems CEO Geoffrey Farrugia

It later transpired they had also won a Facebook coding competition out of some 1,200 West African people. 

Farrugia said he was so impressed by their level of talent at such a young age, particularly since they hadn't received any formal education, he decided to bring them on board his company. 

"What I did wasn't purely an act of generosity because I think they can help my company"

HandsOn Systems CEO Geoffrey Farrugia

“What I did wasn’t purely an act of generosity because I think they can help my company, and I plan to give them their first projects when I return to Ghana next month,” he said. “We intend to build a team around them, to train and empower them. This is what Africa needs - for its people to be given the rods to catch fish instead of the fish itself." 

“This is the moral of the story: these orphans had practically nothing but managed to educate themselves, while there are kids in Malta who are given a free education but are not willing to learn," he said. 

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