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WATCH: Maltese Father Snaps A Picture Of His Daughter Every Week For 20 Years To Create Incredible Timelapse

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Maltese father-of-two Fabian has been taking a photo of his daughter, Kelly, every single Sunday from the day she was born.

This weekly tradition has slowly yet surely accumulated just under 1,000 photos, which have been satisfyingly combined in one, big time lapse video.

Absolutely nothing will get in Fabian’s way when it comes to taking his daughter’s weekly photo.

Even after Kelly moves out, Fabian plans on keeping up this tradition as it’s his way of making sure they never lose touch. In fact, he does the same thing with his son Kyle.

But that’s not all.

Kelly wanted to give back to her father this Father’s Day, so she added a heartfelt message at the end of the time-lapse.

The message reads:

“Thank you for being the best possible role model I could have hoped for. I really admire your commitment and determination, and I am sorry that I tend to make it a bit difficult at times, especially when I’m abroad or at a sleepover, but you never failed a Sunday, not once, even if it meant waiting for me till midnight.”

“We may not get along 100%of the time, but we are family and I am thankful for that. I love you. I will treasure this album forever.”

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