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WATCH: Maltese Rapper Shyli Proposes To Her Man In The Tastiest Way Possible

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As far as wedding proposals go, food should always be considered a central part of your special moment – and Maltese rapper Shyli Rose took that advice to heart when she proposed to her boyfriend-turned-fiancé Jordan Grech on Friday.

The feisty lyricist, known for her tracks ‘Nixtieq’, ‘Drama’, and featuring on ‘Oh My God’ with Ira Losco, wanted to cement her relationship with boyfriend Jordan – and took it upon herself to get their marriage underway.

Shyli innocently gave Jordan a birthday cake and, with a coy look in her eyes, told him to read what was written on it

Instead of finding a cute birthday message, he found a marriage proposal.

Soon enough, he had turned back to her with a massive smile, and the newly engaged couple were hugging and kissing it out as the crowd clapped and cheered them on.


Speaking to Lovin Malta, Shyli explained that though they’ve had some tough times, she still wanted to take this incredible step with her beloved

“It was his birthday, Friday 12th July, and everything was planned,” Shyli said. “I took him to a hotel on Thursday and Friday my mother called him saying something had happened at Eusebio Bar in Paola – a bar we own together – and that we need to get there as fast as we can!”

“He was shocked and worried,” she continued, “so we left from Buġibba and went to Eusebio Bar in Paola. This bar is going to lead us to our future plans where we are planning to open more clubs and businesses in the future, so I thought that it would be the perfect place because it is the beginning of everything.”

“When we walked in, everyone started singing happy birthday to him”

However, instead of a birthday celebration, the party was about to become an engagement party.

“My sister Mikela walked on the stage and started to sing ‘Will You Marry Me’ by Bruno Mars, and they pulled out the cake, with ‘will you marry me?’ written on it,” she said happily.

“He didn’t realise at first, but then I told him ‘read the cake Jord’ and I was stood behind him holding the ring, and he was really amazed! After he read it he turned around looking for me with a big smile and said are ‘you for real?’ And I was like ‘yes Jordan I choose you, do you choose me? And he said ‘yes Shyli I will marry you’ out loud.”

Shyli Rose and Jordan Grech after the proposal was accepted

Shyli Rose and Jordan Grech after the proposal was accepted

Things were really hard in the relationship”

Shyli wanted to go ahead with the marriage even though things sometimes got hard in their relationship.

“Our anniversary is 14th February on Valentine’s Day, but I don’t want anyone to think that it was perfect,” she said. “I want to show everyone that we’ve had our ups and downs and that we both decided to stick by each other for a lifetime.”

“There were times when we suffered to eat”

No matter what anyone says, Shyli is looking forward to tying the knot with the man who has been through so much with her.

“There were times when we suffered to eat, times when we suffered depression and stuck by each other,” she said. “We had to hustle to be able to put food on the table, and with all that happening a lot of arguments popped up along the way. But I know I will look back at this and say it was an amazing decision to take.”

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