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Watch: Maltese Woman Who Was Given Two Years To Live Shares Inspirational Message About Life

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Angele De Leuw Muscat, a Maltese woman who was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and given a maximum of two years to live, has urged people to look at life with a positive mindset.

In an extremely moving interview with Keith Demicoli on TVAM, Angele spoke about how she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer around a year ago, with doctors giving her a maximum of two years to live.

“It was like the sky fell over me,” she said. “My son was a year and a half  old and my daughter was about to turn three… two years weren’t enough for me.”

As she waited at home for her treatment, Angele fell into a dark place and her condition rapidly regressed.

“I stopped eating and lost weight, I couldn’t walk properly and eventually I couldn’t walk at all,” she recounted. “I couldn’t sit down or turn over in bed and I ended up just lying motionless in bed.”

After she started treatment, she moved in with her parents after her doctor warned her of the risk that her children could bring infections home from school with them.

“I was advised to either stop the children from doing their activities or to leave home myself,” she said. “I separated myself from my family for their own good.”

Angele then started studying neuroscience and practicing meditation; after her life turned around she decided to become a manifestation coach and set up her own website.

“I believe in the possibility of a different future, I believe that I can work and live longer than two more years. I am walking and feel healthier right now than when I was diagnosed. I feel at peace, I believe in my abilities, I’m doing things that make me feel good and I’m helping others through my coaching.”

Angele said she learned that if one changes their perspective on life, they can reach a better reality, even if everything around them screams otherwise.

“I don’t think about death now. I’m not scared of it but I don’t think about it because I don’t believe it’s my reality. My reality is that I will live and help others. If we think about positive things, then positivity will become a reality.”

The interview moved Keith Demicoli so much that he uploaded a video afterwards, describing Angele De Leuw Muscat as “the most positive woman he ever met in his life”.

“Angele got me thinking. If she has an expiry date but still thinks the way she does, why should I worry when things go wrong? She’s an example that it’s all in our heads and if we think like her, we’ll be happy.”

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