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WATCH: Michelle Muscat Confirms She Uses A Pseudonym To Make Restaurant Bookings

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If you work at a restaurant and receive a booking from someone called Maria, then you should know that you might be speaking to the Prime Minister’s wife.

In a recent interview with Xarabank, Michelle Muscat confirmed she often uses that name as a pseudonym when booking a table so as to avoid the potential awkwardness of revealing who she is.

“Then they get a shock when they see me standing in front of them, poor things,” she said.

This was Michelle Muscat’s second revelation during the interview of the extents she goes to to secure flashes of privacy in a life completely in the public eye.

She had earlier confirmed that she sometimes goes out shopping in disguise, with a hat and sunglasses, so as to avoid people staring at her or stopping to speak to her.

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During the Xarabank interview, Muscat also shed some light on her first encounter with former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

“We were presented as the Prime Minister of Malta Dr Joseph Muscat and Mrs Michelle Muscat, and I heard a shout of “Oh my God! Don’t tell me theres another Michelle in the house!” And it was [Barack Obama]…!”

“Then my husband turned around and told him ‘Yes, another Michelle in the house!’”

“They were totally approachable and down to earth… it was like we had known them for ages!”

As for their successors, Michelle Muscat described Melania Trump as “a very reserved person” but said President Donald Trump makes up for it.

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