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WATCH: Michelle Muscat Goes Out In Disguise And Has Overheard People Gossiping About Her

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat once said he would like the superpower of invisibility and that he would use the occasion to listen to what people are saying out of his earshot.

Now it turns out that his wife has had that ‘superpower’ all along.

In an interview with Xarabank, Michelle Muscat revealed she goes out incognito when she feels like some privacy.

“I have my own ways. I wear a hat and I don’t open my mouth, but I wont tell you how I dress exactly because you’ll recognise me otherwise!” Muscat said. “The most important thing is that I don’t speak because my voice gives me away. People have walked past me without realising who I was but then noticed as soon as I started speaking, so instead I’ll go out with a friend and she will speak for me.”

This tactic is bound to throw up some awkward situations and indeed Muscat said she once overheard a group of people gossiping about her without realising she was sitting right next to them.

Michelle Xarabank

“They kept saying all sorts of awful things, but my friend and I remained silent as they went on and on,” she said. “When we got up to leave, they looked in our direction and I removed my sunglasses. One of the women asked her friend ‘Is that Michelle Muscat?’ and her friend responded ‘As if, she looks so thin! As if she’ll be here!’”

“They continued [gossiping] and my friend turned around and told them who I was. We laughed about it afterwards though; everyone has their own opinions and it’s good to hear what people are saying about you.”

In her interview, Michelle Muscat also spoke in some detail about her first encounter with Joseph Muscat, which happened to be at a meeting for Labour’s youth activists with then leader Alfred Sant.

“I was studying media at university and was given an assignment whereby I had to interview someone who worked in the industry. Joseph was studying economics back then but worked part time with Super One in the evening.”


A younger Joseph and Michelle Muscat pose in front of the Azure Window

“A friend and I found out about the meeting and we went to meet a journalist we could interview afterwards. I remember meeting Joseph and him telling me ‘One second, I’m coming’ because he was talking to someone else. However, I then starting talking to [now magistrate] Joe Mifsud and interviewed him instead.”

She said she found the Prime Minister to-be good-looking from the start and confirmed it was he who made the first move.

“He invited me to dinner, with the excuse that the Forum [Żgħażagħ Laburisti] was organising a disco and that I should come and get some friends along. However, back then my university friends were all Nationalists so I didn’t know who to bring.”

“To cut a long story short, Joseph came for me, we went to the disco together, we slowly started dating and here we are 24 years later!”

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