WATCH: Molested Over 1,000 Times In A Cellar, Maltese Child Abuse Survivor Tells His Heartbreaking Story

'He got on top of me, and at that second I froze'

A Maltese man has bravely opened up about being sexually abused over 1,000 times between the ages of six and nine years by a paedophile who would lock him in a cellar.

In an interview on TVM's Xarabank, Joseph spoke about the continued and forceful molestation that he endured at the hands of one abuser who would force himself upon him.

"He got on top of me, and at that second I froze," Joseph said in the interview. "My body couldn't even move with the fear... and then he did what he did, he would put his part inside my mouth, and I would choke, I would choke."

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His abuser would threaten to kill him if he told anyone

"When he was done, he would tell me: 'if you tell your mommy or anyone else, I will choke you and kill you, and your mother and your siblings too," Joseph said.

The abuse occurred weekly, over three years.

"He would do it about three times a week, whenever he had an appetite for it. From when I was six to nine years old, he did it over 1,000 times," said Joseph.

Joseph also recounted a time when a nine-year-old girl was brought down into the cellar. He was told to watch everything the abuser did to the girl, which left a particularly painful mark on Joseph psyche.

"I want to apologise for not being able to help her more," he said tearfully. "I wasn't able to help her as much as I wanted to, from what he was doing to her. I couldn't help her."

You can watch the full interview this Friday on Xarabank.

If you have an experience with sexual abuse and want to share it in confidence, contact Lovin Malta at [email protected]

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