WATCH: This Personal Trainer Is Setting The Best Example This Christmas

This guy's resolution will help kids all over the island

"I woke up this morning and I realised: what have I done lately?" 

John Spartan, a personal trainer working in Malta, made an announcement yesterday via live Facebook video that he would be providing free training to children who come come from a single income home in Malta.

"I realised I was just offering my services to people that could pay. Now I want a little bit more substance in my life," Spartan said, adding that children's growth and strength goes beyond the physical and includes the ability to choose to stay on the right path. 

Spartan alludes to his own childhood as being particularly difficult one, and as result he has chosen to help children to lead a healthy life. He will be providing free training on Sundays at Riviera bay.

The first training session, which will last an hour, will be held on Sunday 18th, followed by sandwiches and drinks which Spartan will also pay for himself. He would like to use the time to eat together and discuss the training session with the children.

How will it work?

Spartan will be posting more details about the time and location of the training sessions on his Facebook page, so stay tuned. So far he has said that sessions will most likely take place in the mornings at 9am – depending on parents' availability. 

Meanwhile, he also drops in a call to any sponsors who would like to back his cause. So rally the troops, let's help John Spartan help kids in Malta this Christmas!

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