WATCH: Maltese Man Travels Around Australia, Creating Stunning Visuals And Giving Us All The Travel Bug

He's been ticking most people's bucket list!

Marc Casolani, a Maltese property and freelance photographer who also manages Casolani360 Travel Photography, is an extreme travel enthusiast. And his latest Australian photography expedition is nothing short of impressive.

Uploading scores of photos and videos from Down Under, Marc is giving us a serious urge to travel all around the world. And from the looks of things, we'd definitely start with Australia.

The self-described 'Maltese Nomad' went on a solo Australian expedition across the continent's outback and national parks, capturing gorgeous views and sharing some vital information on unmissable sights from all over the gigantic island nation.

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Marc has lived in Australia and South East Asia for five years, capturing everything from wildlife photography to nature photography in his travels.

''I want to encourage Maltese youngsters to take a leap and travel more," he told Lovin Malta. "So many young people get stuck in their ways and do not see what's out there''.

Not forgetting his roots, Marc has even captured some beautiful views from the tiny island he calls home, sharing some shots of trekking in Comino and Gozo.

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