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WATCH: Waves Aren’t Only In The Sea. They’re Also In Adrian Delia’s Office 

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There’s been a lot of talks about waves recently and now people finally have a chance to visualise them.

Opposition leader Adrian Delia unveiled a painting of waves inside his office today, although it wasn’t meant to reflect the COVID-19 situation but something more personal.

“It was made specifically for me by someone close to my heart,” he said.

“The message sent to be was that while the waves may crash against the rocks, a sailor capable of navigating through stormy weather will be able to see it through and find blue skies at the other end of the storm.”

Although he didn’t explicitly refer to it, Delia unveiled his new painting two days after MaltaToday published a survey showing the PN has lost popularity in recent weeks and now stands at 22.1%, compared to the PL’s 51.9%.

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