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WATCH: We’ve Fallen In Love! Four-Year-Old Maltese Schoolboy Absolutely Smashes Queen Hit… And Everyone’s Hearts

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Remember all those centuries-old nursery rhymes you’d learn (and have to recite for about a million times) at school? Well, one Maltese classroom has just taken that to an awesome new level.

Four-year-old Jack absolutely loves going to school at San Ġwann’s St. Clare College. And who can blame him, when he gets to belt out his favourite Queen hit, guitar solo and all?

An adorable video shared by one of the college’s Kinder 2 educators Luke Agius (that’s Lulu from local band Xarulu) shows young Jack belting out Queen’s I Want To Break Free… and boy does he do a fine job!

There’s even a heartachingly cute moment when Luke hands the guitar over to Jack for a quick solo, to which the four-year-old happily obliges with a strum or too. Consider our hearts very broken.

“Credit also especially goes out to his amazing educators Pauline Attard and Joanne Falzon,” Jake’s mother Maria proudly captioned her video, which quickly raked in a bunch of positive reactions and comments.

As for Luke? Well, we’re just gutted we didn’t have a teacher like him growing up!

Tag a Queen fan who’d love to perform a duet with Jack!

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