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‘We Had To Keep Her Spirit Alive’: How A Family Of A Virus Victim Is Sharing Their Nanna’s Legacy Through Bakes

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When 86-year-old Josephine Attard, known as Nanna Dow, passed away from COVID-19 in September she left a gaping hole in the lives many. Known to cook feasts for hundreds of guests and her knack for excellent baking, Attard was the life of every party.

Two months on, her granddaughter and daughter Christina and Caroline opened Dows Bakes, to keep her bold spirit alive through her special recipes and love for homemade treats.

“Anyone who knew Nanna Dow knew she was an excellent cook. She’d always be in the kitchen whipping up something for us or for her notoriously large parties with hundreds of guests to feed.”

Left: Nanna Dow, Caroline and Christina. Right: Christina and her Nanna

Left: Nanna Dow, Caroline and Christina. Right: Christina and her Nanna

“Her passion was seeing people eat her food,” Christina Curmi, the brains behind Dow Bakes explained.

Christina was always keen on opening a business for Nanna Dow’s treats, but the pipeline dream never materialised. Her mother, she continued, had inherited the talent for sweets, and Christina turned to baking herself in the midst of lockdown in April.

So when Attard passed away from COVID-19 in Autumn, Christina knew it was time to take on the venture.

“We knew we had to spread her love through her special bakes. It was a real tough time for us, but we wanted to turn a tragedy into a beautiful story.”

“She was a very particular character – not your typical Nanna. We felt it was only befitting to keep her spirit alive,” she mused.

Nanna Dow is described as the heart of the family: constantly laughing, technologically-savvy and always carried an air of cheeky vainness.

With Christmas around the corner, Dow’s Bakes have launched with a classic festive menu to honour her favourite holiday.

From mince pies to Christmas log to sapori and caprese, Nanna Dow is officially in business and are selling her treats like hotcakes.

Many of you may be wondering the story behind Dow’s Bakes.

Dow has been known to many for her exceptional skills in the…

Posted by Dow’s Bakes on Friday, 6 November 2020

“We just delivered our first batch this week – it was a success. We’ve already got some second orders from them!” Christina said. 

If you’d prefer to try your hand at her recipes, you can find them all on their Facebook page.

Whatever you decide, Nanna Dow’s charm is the perfect spirit for the Christmas season.

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