Weddings, Albums And The Malta-Gozo Tunnel: Here Are Malta's Biggest Personalities' Goals For 2019

Aim high and shoot for the stars

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2019 is here, and just like a newborn baby, it's full of life and potential. With literally hundreds of days still to go before 2020, many among us have already set themselves major achievements to be gotten in the next 12 months.

Lovin Malta spoke to some of the most influential people on the island and asked what their biggest target for 2019 was - check out their answers below.

Rosianne Cutajar

"Enacting the Cremation Bill in Parliament, which will be my first bill as an MP."

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Valentina Rossi

"Eat ramen out of a beard. KIDDING! Probably just making sure I spend more time with family and friends. We tend to take them for granted sometimes especially when you have a busy life, oh and… Read at least ONE book."

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Ian Borg

"Issuing the international call for the Malta-to-Gozo permanent link."

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"Honestly just to continue being able to do what I'm doing. Sadly Article 13 of the proposed EU Copyright Directive threatens just that. Hopefully it is either rejected or at least amended to clearly protect transformative content like memes."

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Francis Zammit Dimech

"Are you kidding me? I shall assume that you want me to give you an honest answer! I am standing again for election to the European Parliament."

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Cyrus Engerer

"I’m not one for New Year resolutions but of course my target is getting elected in next year’s European Parliament elections. It’s not the end target in its self, but the beginning of work on a number of issues that impact the lives of a number of Maltese and European citizens which I could contribute to, should I be entrusted with this task: more rights to young Europeans across borders, more emphasis to safeguard our environment and the promotion of equality across the Union."

"Since my University years, I have been studying and writing theses on how to have a better functioning European Parliament. The past four years, as the Prime Minister’s Envoy to the European Union, gave me the opportunity to practice what we had studied in theory on European institutions. In this sense, should I be elected, I look forward to be part of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs, to be able to work on modernising the Union and make sure that the input of small Member States is also made. So far, we have never had a Maltese MEP on this standing committee."

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David Casa

"The next goal is having a successful and fruitful MEP election campaign for Partit Nazzjonalista in May 2019, and continue to fight the corruption endemic that is present on our shores."

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Miriam Dalli

"Make positive change."

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Adrian Delia

"It’s not a target but one true sincere mission (and no, it’s not the May elections)."

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Jo Caruana

"To focus more on the projects I really want to do, rather than have to do. Whether that’s PRing the entities that are doing their bit for the community/environment, or telling stories about the awesome people who are making a difference, or fighting for the causes I believe in. Once Comedy Knights is over for the year, my biggest target is also take a week-long nap! Very excited about that…"

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Eve Borg Bonello

"To do well in my O Levels so I can spend a summer working on things I'm passionate about."

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Simon Schembri

"After very long restoration project, I can finally see my BMW E30 on the road."

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Chris Cardona

"Promoting sustainable enterprise. The world and our country is becoming increasingly more aware more than ever of the importance of sustainable and ethical practices. We organise the Sustainable Business Awards every year, and every year the solutions get more innovative. I hope we will have more applicants too. Customers will increasingly demand more of the companies they give their money too – and good ethics will mean good business sense."

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Sarah Zerafa

"Creating the best content I possibly can (+not stopping gym after two months hehe)"

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Ira Losco

"To have peace of mind and be happy... and release more new music, cause there's plenty of it. Never a dull moment."

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Ben Camille

"Being part of Baby Elle’s life, being a hands-on dad and ultimately trying my best to be the best dad I can possibly be."

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Gaia Cauchi

"Release an album."

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Maxine Pace

"Launching my new album."

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Alex Alden

"Start recording my next album."

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Chris Fearne

"To continue doing my part in making this country an overachiever in more economic and social sectors than it is already."

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What's your biggest goal for 2019? Let us know in the comments below and tag someone who needs to read these!

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