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‘Well Done PC 785!’ Mellieħa Community Police Officer Becomes A Local Hero After Stepping In To Help An Old Man With His Shopping

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Residents of Mellieħa can rest easy knowing that they have the support and trust of the Mellieħa community policing team after a heartwarming story concerning one of their incredible officers received a shower of praise online.

A post on Facebook group Are You Being Served (RUBS) surfaced earlier today detailing how one of the community police officers ‘PC 785’ stopped to help a 76-year-old take his shopping up one flight of stairs and into his kitchen.

“My dad is 76-year-old and as friends and relative know, he walks with a lot of difficulty,” the post said.

“God sent him an angel PC 785 who was on foot patrol and kindly took up the shopping for him right into the kitchen!”

“I can’t thank you enough… and I also wish to thank your parents who raised you up to be so caring!”

Malta Police Force was quick to highlight the good deed of PC 785 whom they identified as officer Clayton Scicluna. “Well done PC 785 Clayton Scicluna – Mellieħa community policing team,” they wrote on a Facebook post.


The four community police officers including Clayton Scicluna on the very right

The four community police officers including Clayton Scicluna on the very right

The Mellieħa community policing team is a pilot project which was introduced last July and it’s effectiveness will be assessed in January, after which it could well be expanded to other towns.

But after this hearing about this heartwarming story, who wouldn’t want them to stay on? It’s small gestures like this that set a great example to others in the community and makes for one damn good cop.

I bet other towns are dying to have a Clayton Scicluna patrolling their streets!

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