What Happened Tonight Will Restore Your Faith In Maltese Humanity

€850,000+ raised, government pledges to cover expenses, incredible generosity from the Maltese public

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The Maltese public has outdone itself on the generosity front with an unbelievable sum of €850,000+ raised tonight in aid of a home for ALS sufferers in Malta! 

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€850,000+ raised for ALS home

The funds have been raised as part of a public appeal by ALS activist Bjorn Formosa in tonight's Xarabank show. Aside from the enormous sum raised by the local public – including phone and SMS donations, donations from local businesses, and from large companies – Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat also pledged government funding for the home's expenses each year going forward.

Formosa's strong connection to Maltese public has shone through in tonight's amazing efforts. At the end of the show, the activist was visibly emotional, as were his supporters and family members. 

“I haven’t stopped crying from the start till the end of the programme. You have moved me with your generosity. My dream has become a reality. We will not stop working. This is the first step, from tomorrow we will start working to make this project happen. Thank you to everyone, thank you Malta. You gave me the best experience of my life despite my situation. Thank you, I love you”

Bjorn Formosa
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Bjorn Formosa – the ALS activist who has captured the hearts of the Maltese community

Formosa's story begins with his discovery of a life-altering condition, ALS – a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function. Once diagnosed, Formosa quickly became an activist for ALS sufferers, founding ALS Malta – an organisation aimed at raising awareness and offering support to ALS and MND sufferers in Malta, providing support and palliative care.

Formosa stole the heart of the nation when he married his friend and long-time ALS awareness supporter – Maria Muscat –  and donated all their wedding gifts to the foundation. 

He's fought social media adversary, and has continuously worked hard to keep the public abreast with his condition. Tonight, he reached out to his followers to join in his big fund raising appeal, with an aim to raise money to build a home for ALS patients. 

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“When you love someone, you’ll do everything for them” 

Maria Formosa
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Although Formosa' condition continues to deteriorate, Formosa will be undergoing an operation in the next few days in order to help him to breathe. The operation is extremely risky, but if successful could potentially give him few months more to live. He will not be able to speak after the surgery, if successful. 

Despite his situation, Formosa's will remains stronger than ever, as evidenced in his moving speech during the show, thanking the Maltese public. 

The ALS home that the public have helped to fund will offer palliative care to ALS patients and will be equipped with technology manipulated by eye-movement, enabling patients to maintain control despite their limited ability to move. Donors will have their named inscribed within the ALS Malta home once it's built.

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