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‘You Are Strong, You Are Beautiful’: After Being Told She Looks Like A Man, Maltese Woman Shares Empowering Words Against Online Bullying

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A Maltese pharmacist and health blogger has opened up about the online bullying she has faced as she documented her journey to a fitter and happier life.

Belle, behind the page Road To Belle, shared her thoughts after someone told her she looks like a man under a photo that was close to her heart.

“‘You look like a man’… I posted this picture around two months ago and that was the comment I got on it!” Belle said in a post.

“I love this picture but that comment had hurt me back then,” she continued. “After today’s interview with the Times of Malta about bullying, I decided to post it again.”

“My message to anyone being bullied whether it’s at work, school, online or in a relationship remember, you know yourself best – don’t let the words of someone else make you crumble!”

“Focus on your voice its the only one that matters! You are strong, you are beautiful.”

Belle’s positivity after being bullied online inspired others in the comments section, who quickly rallied to support her.

“The person who said that, apart from being a bullying disgusting person, is also blind. I think it’s a brilliant photo. It shows personality and strength and maturity as well as a beautiful appearance,” said one person.

“Men wish they were this gorgeous,” said another.

Belle has often tackled the sensitive issue of women’s beauty and weight loss as she shares her personal journey online. She’s also teamed up with other inspirational women to discuss other topics related to women’s health, such as anxiety, with nearly 3,000 people following her journey.

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