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‘The Only Way We Beat Trump’: American-Maltese Pete Buttigieg Drops Out Of Democratic Presidential Race, Endorses Joe Biden

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Former candidate in the Democratic presidential race, Maltese-American Pete Buttigieg, has backed Joe Biden for the nomination a day after dropping out of the race.

This comes one day before Super Tuesday, a significant date in American politics, as voters turn to the polls to decide on their Democratic nomination.

“The only way we beat Trump is through a politics that reflects the decency of the American people, It’s what we sought to practice in my campaign – and it’s what Joe Biden has practiced his whole life.” He said in a Facebook post.

Although Buttigieg’s sudden sign-off is a surprise to many – last week he was leading in Democratic convention delegates – this calculated move gives Biden a boost in beating Senator Bernie Sanders to the Democratic nomination after trailing for much of the race.

As the youngest, first openly gay ex-veteran to ever run a campaign of this degree of success – Pete is undoubtedly one for America’s political history books.

His endorsement of establishment ideas and PAC-fuelled campaign, however, means the ex-candidate may be a historic front-runner for the Democrats, but certainly not a revolutionary.

What did you make of Pete Buttigieg’s decision to drop out and his eventual endorsement?

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