Anti-Brexit 'Supergirl' Wins Young European Of The Year

The young Remain campaigner also received a €5,000 grant

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Brexit is not really something to make a song and dance about, but one young 'Remain' campaigner from the UK did exactly that, and her efforts have clearly paid off. Madaleina Kay was announced as the winner of the Schwarzkopf Young European Of The Year.

Awarded the title at this year's massive youth conference in Strasbourg (which was a combination of EYE 2018 and Yo!Fest), Madaleina also received a €5,000 grant for an EU project of her choosing. 

The award was presented by Schwarzkopf's board chairman and 2014's winner and European Youth Forum President Luis Alvarado Martinez.

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Photo: Some of the crowds at Strasbourg's massive youth conference, bringing together over 5,000 young people

Known for her alternative style and eye-catching attire, Madaleina refers to herself as #EUSupergirl and is a self-proclaimed troublemaker for those who would see Britain leave the "EU family". From writing books to singing songs, she campaigned day and night to see the 'Remain' campaign clinch victory.

In her acceptance speech, Madaleina says the historic referendum's results will not lessen her drive, but rather the second Britain actually does leave the EU she will begin the campaign to "bring it back home" to Europe.

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Photo: Madaleina in Strasbourg / Twitter

A typical example of #EUSupergirl's content during the campaign

Awarding a British citizen the title of Young European Of The Year is a big nod by the jury, recognising the work of the younger generation, who overwhelming voted to remain in the EU.

What do you think about this choice?

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