Bitcoin Just Hit Another Record, It's Now Worth A Whopping €12,500

Great news for people who invested early on, bad news for those who didn't

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If you thought Bitcoin's tremendous rise was over, you can join the naysayers as they wipe the egg of their faces. At the time of publishing this article, a single bitcoin is worth €12,635, or nearly 15,000 US Dollars. 

Considering that a single bitcoin cost 2 US Dollars this time 6 years ago, the cryptocurrency's astronomical rise has let out a lot of emotions in Maltese currency traders. It is estimated that the currency has risen by more than 1,180% from the year-to-date. 

For those who invested early on, waking up today to see their investment increase by literally thousands of euros overnight means that Christmas has officially come early this year. 

And for those who didn't invest early on and missed the boat completely, feelings of regret and probably some FOMO as well started to kick in. 

With the blockchain currency looking to continue increasing in value, new investors will be likely need to pay big while taking on huge risk, something most people want to avoid. 

Alternative cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin are trying to place themselves as the next Bitcoin, but it might be a while until we see such a rise in value in a single cryptocurrency in such a short span of time. 

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