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China Orders Man To Pay Ex-Wife €6,000 For Years Of Housework In Landmark Case

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A divorce court in Beijing has ordered a man to fork out around €6,000 for five years of unpaid domestic labour in a landmark case.

The ruling comes after China introduced a new civil code and has sparked a huge debate online over the value of housework. Some have said the ex-wife should’ve been paid more.

BBC reported that a man identified as Chen filed for divorce in 2020 after five years of marriage. Wang, the woman in question, demanded financial compensation, saying Chen didn’t contribute to any chores or childcare responsibilities during their time together.

Her demands were met as the court ruled in her favour, ordering Chen to cough up €250 in monthly alimony and a one-off payment of €6,000 for the housework she did.

China’s new civil code allows a spouse to request compensation in a divorce if they bore more responsibility in child-raising, caring for elderly family or assisting partners in work. Previously, this was only possible if a prenuptial agreement was signed.

Chinese women reportedly do 2.5 times more unpaid work than men, around four hours a day, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). 

What do you make of the case?

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