Fisherman Greg Vella Finds Monster 2,000kg Great White Shark In Japan That Choked To Death On A Turtle

It literally bit off more than it could chew

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Going out fishing is generally considered to be a relaxing event, but one fisherman who went out for a day ended up being treated to quite a shocking site - a great white shark that had choked to death after eating, or trying to eat, a turtle.

Fisherman Greg Vella was out in Japan doing a spot of fishing when reports started coming in about a serious shark in the vicinity.

"I was out commercial 'ken ken' style fishing for tuna (Japan, Pacific Ocean side) when I heard chatter on the radio that there was a white shark swimming around with a big sea turtle in is mouth. People started to joke about it, so I did not pay it any more attention," he said in a Facebook post.

"Then next day, it was found dead, near the bait receivers, tangled in some netting."

Warning: Graphic content ahead

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Vella captured these shocking images after fishermen picked up the giant great white shark in Japanese waters

"The captains I interviewed who saw the mighty shark the day before said it looked close to death, as it could not dislodge the giant turtle," he explained.

Far from enjoying the shark's deaths, the fishermen lamented the loss of such an incredible creature

"The commercial guys were bummed as white sharks do not bother their commercial fishing, and most certainly do bother the things that eat our catch," he said.


The shark weighed around 4,500 pounds, which is over 2,000kg. With the average weight of a great white shark reaching around 1,100kg, this shark was nearly double the average weight of a standard great white.

Just this year, a nearly 20-foot-long shark named 'Deep Blue' was recorded in Hawaii, and is believed to be one of the biggest great whites ever caught on film.

What would you do if you saw a shark this big?

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