Gozitan-Made Crib Looks Great As The Sun Shines On St Peter's Square Today

Everybody knows there was a luzzu present at the Nativity

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Photo: Dawn Borg Costanzi

Gozo's most recent export – a life-size crib made by artist Manwel Grech – is looking gorgeous today as the sun shines down onto St Peter's Square in Rome. 

This is the first time that a foreign-made crib is being exhibited in the square, and we're loving how the artist made sure to bring some classic Malta symbols to the scene. There's a luzzu, fishing paraphernalia, a Maltese balcony, and of course our beloved cross

The crib is made from fibre-glass so as to be resistant to weathering. Looks like Malta's sunny weather got shipped off with the scene as well. You can thank us later, Rome. 

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