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‘He Had To Go’: World’s Biggest Newspapers React To Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s Resignation Announcement

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News of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s plan to resign next month has not only been on the tip of the tongues of everyone in Malta, but everyone else around the world.

From CNN to BBC, the world’s biggest media houses have been closely following Malta’s descent into political madness and were quick to relay the message that PM Joseph Muscat would be resigning in mid-January to their millions of readers.

CNN and Fox News both provided a neutral reaction to Dr. Muscat’s decision and provided their American reader-base with some context prior to yesterday’s groundbreaking announcement.

The BBC, who have kept a close eye on recent developments, were eager to provide their opinion on why the Prime Minister had to go, citing his “failure to take serious action” on former Minister of Tourism Konrad Mizzi and ex-Chief of Staff Keith Schembri as the main reason.



The Guardian, working alongside Reuters, have had journalists present in Malta for some time now, so an article from them was expected…

…but what may come as a surprise to some is how far-reaching the news of Joseph Muscat’s resignation was, making headlines in media outlets such as Gulf News, Arab Times as well as Australia’s national broadcaster ABC.

Arab Times, Kuwait

Arab Times, Kuwait

Malta has once again made international headlines… but for all the wrong reasons.

We can only hope that the damage being done to the island’s reputation doesn’t continue on for too long and we quickly shift focus and embark on a path to amend it.

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