Malta-Based Scuba Heroes Post Jubilant Photo After Successful Rescue Of 12 Thai Boys

People are calling them the real superheroes


Two Malta-based divers who were involved in the incredibly dangerous and technical rescue of 12 trapped Thai boys and their football coach deep within a cave complex in Thailand have been celebrating the success of the mission online.

Mikko Paasi, who runs Koh Tao Divers Malta in St. Paul's Bay, posted a jubilant status with two other rescuers from Chiang Rai, Thailand, the city near where the rescue took place.

"'Those who say it can not be done, shouldn't interrupt people doing it' - 13 kids all out safe and sound!" - Mikko Paasi

Ben Reymenants, another Malta-based diver who was involved in the Thai mission, also posted a status celebrating the incredibly daring rescue

The two divers were part of an international effort that included Thai, British, Australian, and American divers alongside many other nationalities. Help was offered from all parts of the world, including from tech billionaire Elon Musk who offered to build a child-sized submarine for the cave dives.

The 13 Thai nationals were removed from the cave via a gruelling mission that included donning each boy with a full-face scuba mask and, along with two rescuers, diving through muddy and dark waters for up to five hours until eventually reaching the exit of the cave.

The timing of the rescue was serendipitous - just hours after removing the final child, a large water pump that had been pumping water out of the flooded cave broke down. Within minutes, the water in cave started visibly rising, which would have ruined the entire mission if the rescuers had waited even a couple of hours longer.

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