Maltese Children's Jeers Misinterpreted As Anti-Semitic Hate

Video criticising 'hate' sees 50,000 views and counting


Booing during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has been mis-labelled as anti-semitic hate after a Facebook video published by an Israeli page was seen by more than 50,000 people. 

The video, published by The Israel Project, selectively showed audience members booing at the young presenter who was giving out Israel's points. 

"This hate will not be tolerated," the page wrote. 

"This hate will not be tolerated."

But it turns out the taunts weren't just directed at the Israeli presenter. Booing is audible throughout the show's points-giving ceremony, targeting any presenter that didn't give Malta the votes the audience expected. 

According to several people in the audience, following the 12 points awarded to us by Australia, the Maltese children booed loudly every time we got a low score from our competitors. In the video linked below you can hear the audience reacting negatively to Malta not getting any points from one of the panel of judges.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest was hosted in Malta. 

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