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Nas Daily And His Team Manhandled At Barcelona Airport And Stopped From Boarding Flight To Malta

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Nas Daily and his girlfriend Alyne were planning on spending New Year’s Eve in Malta, preparing to film Nas’s 1,000th and final video from his daily video project. They got to the Barcelona airport because Air Malta had tried to surprise them with an upgrade, but there was some sort of mix up as there was a connecting flight that hadn’t been taken into account.

So they got to the airport to try and sort things out, and that’s when things turned ugly. The Lufthansa desk agent was seemingly getting irritated trying to deal with the Maltese person on the other end of the line, when a security guard clocked the situation. He came in to tell the desk agent not to bother helping them, and when Nas and Alyne tried to defend themselves, he said “If you say another word I’ll make SURE you dont get on your flight”.


He called for more security, and when they arrived they got physical with Nas and Alyne. They barrelled them to the ground in an attempt to handcuff them, ripping Alyne’s shirt and scratching her in the process.

Alyne also described a moment where the security guard sexually assaulted her:

I started defending Nas and the guy started to come at me, so I stepped back and he stepped up to me and pushed my shoulder trying to take my phone (which I hadnt done anything with). I got scared and told him DO NOT TOUCH ME DO NOT TOUCH MY CHEST and he grabbed my breast and gave me a malicious look. The look that said “I’m a security guard im the boss and ill grab your breast if i want to.”


Eventually they were let go, but at the gate had been informed that they were not allowed to board the flight. So they were stuck in Barcelona for another night, for what honestly seems like no reason other than the security guards were having a bad day and they took it out on Nas and Alyne.

They booked an airport hotel, and spent New Year’s Eve there, instead of at a fancy suite in the Hilton here in Malta. Alyne said she would have much rather been in Malta, where they felt safe, but was glad nothing “worse” happened in the end.

You can read the story in Alyne’s words here.

Lufthansa have not yet reacted to the story.

What do you think of the situation?

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