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Want A Fake Maltese ID Card? This Website Will Unashamedly Sell You One For $600

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Remember when you were just young enough to not be allowed into Paceville clubs and you had that quick mischievous thought of forging your identity just to be able to have a beer inside? Well, this website will sort you out… for $600, that is.

If you had to run a Google image search for “Malta ID Card” right now, the third (yes, third) result will lead you down a rabbit hole of illegalities in the form of BuyRealDocsOnline.com

And among the number of forged ID cards you can buy, you’ll find Malta’s, which is “in stock” and can be yours for $600 (just over €500).

There’s even a sample of the fake ID card, with the made-up details of a “Kaelyn Spiteri” who lives in “Triq il-Bajja l-Kbira, Kemmuna”. Believable AF, tbh.

Weirdly enough, while the page does not shy away from advertising its “forged documents like fake passports and fake ID cards”, it follows everything up with a very official description.

“We pride our services in New Life Identity worldwide,” the page’s About Us section unashamedly announces, promising everything from forged driving licenses to fake diplomas.

At the same time, however, inches away from the “Add to cart” option of the fake ID card, the page goes on to give a detailed description of the Maltese identity card… complete with requirements and steps one would need to go through to obtain an official document. We’re talking office opening times and all guys. Although, now that I’m thinking about it, that might all be to help whoever’s buying the fake ID card weave their own narrative should they be questioned.

And while the absolute illegality and sheer openness of it all is already insulting enough, there’s one other small detail that really rubs salt into the wound.

Malta’s is far from the only fake ID card you can buy on this site… but for some reason, every other forged identity card – including ones for specific US states like California – are all priced at $1,000. Geez guys, aren’t we worth more?!

Meanwhile, however, a fake ID card for Maryland will only set you back $500… so at least we’ve got that going for us.

Just this week, it was announced that Malta will be getting new, “technologically advanced” ID cards… and it seems like deterring forgers is one of the biggest improvements.

Set to be rolled out “in the coming months”, the new ID cards will boast a number of security features aimed at making it harder for people to “tamper with or falsify” the official document.

Even the material itself – a polycarbonate substrate – will help make the cards even more secure, and the card holders’ details will be laser-engraved in black and white.

Lovin Malta has reached out to the Police to see whether they will be taking action against this website.

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