WATCH: Beloved Maltese Tenor Talks Trade On BBC Breakfast Show

He even showed off his incredible vocal range

World famous Maltese tenor Joseph Calleja is no stranger to jet-setting around the world and appearing on television, what with his many sold-out performances

But his latest TV appearance reminded everyone just how professional Malta's favourite tenor is.

Appearing relaxed and in his element, Joseph Calleja appeared on the BBC Breakfast show with host Naga Munchetty, who was clearly smitten with the singer.

They spoke about opera and what goes into singing at such high levels. Joseph Calleja said that "singing opera is like a sport: you are like an athlete, and your body is the instrument."

He also said that things like "acid reflux, a bug, or even a depressive state," can effect his vocal cords and change his voice for the worse.

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Asked if he warmed up that very morning, he said it was early but that "I did, in the shower, where we all sound like Caruso."

He was on the show to promote his rendition of Tosca at Covent Gardens, and even performed a bit of Giuseppe Verdi after the hosts asked for a small treat. 

The host Naga Munchetty ended the clip by staring at Joseph Calleja as he sang, before saying "I'm just a little bit in love."

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And judging from the comments, his appearance went down a treat with both Maltese and foreign audiences.

Have you ever seen Joseph Calleja perform live?

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