WATCH: Maltese-Australian Designs Packaging For Magnum's Newest Ice Cream Flavour

Here comes JOHNNY

Malta may be in the midst of a very windy and rainy winter, but our Maltese brethren on the other side of the planet are enjoying very different weather. One Maltese descendent in Australia is really taking advantage of the good weather down under, and has even teamed up with ice-cream maestros Magnum to release a new line of Magnum products. 

Johnny Schembri is the man behind BY JOHNNY, an Australian fashion design house. He usually lends his touch to couture clothes and fashion walks, but his latest creation is much silkier - and saltier - than usual. 

This year saw Johnny design the packaging for one of Magnum's Fashion Collection ice creams, featuring a brand new flavour - salty hazelnut vanilla. The interesting new flavour needed an interesting new package, which is where Johnny came in, adding a bit of fashionable flair to the wrapping.

The new flavour is part of a new series that also includes Dulce de Leche flavour as well as Raspberry Chocolate Truffle.


Here's hoping that these new flavours hit Malta by the time summer hits the island!

Tag someone who would devour a salted hazelnut vanilla ice-cream!

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