Roughly Three Foreign Cars Are Clamped In Malta Every Single Day

Foreign number plates are oftentimes invisible to authorities

Foreign Plates Lovin Malta

Just over 1,400 foreign vehicles have been clamped over their lack of proper registration since September 2016.

That means that in a year and a half, roughly three foreign vehicles have been clamped each day.

Replying to a parliamentary question tabled by PN MP Claudio Grech, Transport Minister Ian Borg revealed that 1,014 cars had been clamped in 2018 alone.

Borg also took the opportunity to shed some light on the issue. He explained that a vehicle is clamped for 24 hours, in which the owner is expected to go to Transport Malta and register their vehicle at a cost of €180.

Failing to do so would see the car towed to the TM compounds and eventually, should the owner fail to make contact, it is put up for auction as according to law.

All EU citizens are allowed to drive their cars in Malta for seven out of every 12 months. However, once residing in Malta, they are required to exchange their licence plates to Maltese and pay road tax and insurance.

Unfortunately, these vehicles are virtually invisible to Maltese authorities, with issues surrounding the collection of fines and other infringements commonplace.

Maltese people have also previously been reported to also use this tactic along with Expats.

However, it is unclear how many fines have been dished out to foreign vehicles, after Grech was directed to pose this question to the correct Ministry (Ministry For Justice).

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Julian Bonnici